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Using Seachem Purigen for freshwater and saltwater aquariums, fish and coral can live in water that is both crystal clear and free of harmful compounds.
The unique macro-porous synthetic polymer removes soluble and insoluble impurities while raising redox levels, polishing water to unparalleled clarity. As it adsorbs waste products, Purigen will change color from pale blonde to dark brown, almost black. It is easily regenerated with a solution of bleach and water.

If you are an aquarist or want to start fishkeeping, then you would know the importance of filtrations you must use in your tank water. Filtering helps to remove the impurities, toxins, debris, etc. from water.  As there are several types of filtration media present, for many people the most effective is the mechanical filtration one.  

You may have known about activated carbon used in water if you are a novice. Activated carbon is a porous carbon compound that traps waste materials from the water. It is very useful for a healthy ecological system in the aquarium. But even AC has its limitations regarding the aquatic situation. It doesn’t work in every situation as you need it to.

Hence, enters the Seachem Purigen, a very efficient mechanical filtering media which can be used as a substitute for the Activated Carbon. Only it may be more effective than the AC in removing nitrogenous elements. 

In this Seachem Purigen review, we will discuss all the special features and benefits Purigen provides.

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Seachem Purigen- A General Overview

  • ProductSeachem Purigen 100ml [comes in a fine mesh bag]
  • Product Dimension: 8″ x 6″ x 1″  5 ounces
  • Capacity: 100ml of Purigen treats 400 liters (100 gallons) of water
  • Available Volume: Seachem is sold in various volumes: 250ml500ml1 Liter, and 2 Liter that come in bottles, and fine mesh bags are sold separately.

Search has been producing varieties of aquatic equipment and aquarium tools for a very long time. Among these tons of products, the Seachem Purigen organic filtration resin has been one of the best sellers due to its affordability and efficient function in the aquarium. 

This polymer-made synthetic resin mechanical media product is more effective than any other chemical or mechanical filter media. You can purchase it in both small and bulk amounts as you need. This can be used in both marine and freshwater tanks to better the ecological system.

Seachem Purigen is a type of filtration media. Like the activated carbon, you can not label it as a chemical filter media though. It is basically a mechanical filtration media with a high-capacity mechanism that specializes in eliminating nitrogenous waste materials. This unique synthetic polymer-made media has macropores to eradicate all types of contaminants from the water. 

This is a compound of little spheres of resin with a minuscule rough exterior. It generally removes the biological waste products that are produced by fish or other organisms of the aquarium environment.

What is the main use of Seachem Purigen?

  • You can use this product to keep your aquarium water fresh and clean. It will remove the fish waste, debris, and any other organic materials within a short time. 
  • This filter media can be used even if there are medicines and fertilizers in the fish tank. It will not even out the medicinal effects. Thus, both the filtration process and treatment can continue side by side.
  • Unlike most other media, this synthetic media can quickly remove the nitrogenous materials from the water. It helps to prevent the harmful nitrate spike from occurring. 

Features of Scachem Purigen:

Manufacturer’s Video from (How to use Seachem Purigen)


Purigen can be of different colors from white, and cream to light yellow. The other filter media are just a combination of ion converters and absorbents. Purigen is not like that. It is built with a synthetic polymer that has a rare macro-porous outer surface. The rough exterior eliminates all the insoluble and soluble compounds from the tank water. 


Seachem Purigen can remove any organic compounds like fish poop, biological decay, impurities, toxins, plants, etc. from the water. It also can eradicate nitrogenous elements at a fast rate. Nitrogen elements naturally come from the fish’s excretion and their body. With time these products become toxic in nature and start polluting the water environment. 

It also increases the chances of an ammonia spike. This situation can be very harmful to the fish and other inhabitants of the tank water. But Purigen decreases the scope of ammonium spike by removing the nitrogenous elements from the water. One can easily detect Ammonia using Sachem sensor Technology Seachem Ammonia Alert.


The structure of the Purigen is macro-porous and sphere-shaped, which has the maximized tiny pores in comparison with the proper globular resin. Making it a lot more functional while removing toxins.  It has a higher capacity than any other filtration media available. 


After a certain period of time, the Purigen gets worn out. But you can recharge it with a mixture of bleach and water. The bleaching element will burn the materials removed from the fish tank

Medicinal use:

Often, we have to tend our fish or tank environment with medicines. Some filtration media cancels the effectiveness of medicine in the water. So, you have to remove the media for the medicine to work. With Purigen, you don’t have to worry about that. Purigen doesn’t affect the medicine nor get affected by it.


Sometimes mucus layers can get attached to the Purigen media and prevent it from rejuvenating. If you find any bleach smell in the product, do not use it again in the filter. To be sure, take a small number of Purigen beads and soak them in water. Later test with a chlorine test tool to detect any remaining chlorine.

Is Seachem Purigen A replacement or a companion to activated carbon?

  • Purigen takes a shorter time to filter the water. Its removal rate and capacity are much higher than most filtration media.
  • Activated Carbon cannot eradicate nitrogenous compounds, whereas Purigen can clean all the organic compounds, decays, nitrite, and nitrates from the water. It also prevents ammonia spikes from happening.
  • You can use Purigen and treat your fish with medicine at the same time. But Activated carbon cancels out the medicinal effect from the water.
  • Activated carbon can release the already absorbed phosphates back into the water. with Purigen, there is no chance of leaching.
  • Regenerating Purigen is a much easier process than restoring the carbon. You can restore Purigen by simply using a bleach and water solution. But for AC recharging, you need a laboratory with high-quality machines.  

After carefully reviewing Purigen and comparing it with Activated carbon, for us Purigen is a better option for any aquarium filter. AC is cheaper than Purigen, but in function wise Purigen does better. But you can use both to have the perfect outcome for your aquarium condition.

How To Use Seachem Purigen

Rinse the Purigen before using it. If you have purchased it in bulk, take some in a fine filter mesh bag. 1 L Purigen can be used to treat 1000 gallons (4000 L) for almost six months. You can check the color frequently to see the signs of exhaustion. The beads will gradually turn into brown or black with time.   

How to Regenerate It?

  • Take out the Purigen from the tank water.
  • Infuse the Purigen in a 1:1 ratio of bleach and water mixture for almost 24 hours. You have to use unscented bleach that is not dyed.
  • After the 24-hour limit, take a look at the Purigen. It should be white in color. If not, keep it in the solution for a longer time. Once the color is white, wash it with clean water.
  • Make another mixture of four teaspoons of dechlorination in water. Keep the Purigen in this mixture for 8 hours.
  • After 8 hours, take out the Purigen and again rinse it carefully before using it again in your tank filter.

Sometimes mucus coating can get attached to the Purigen and reduce the restoring capacity. If you find any smell of chlorine after the whole regenerating process, do not use it. To be sure, you can keep the beads in water and later do a chlorine test. But if you don’t want to spend time on this, just replace this with a new pack or Purigen.

Specifications & Highlights:

  • A premium quality synthetic adsorbent
  • Supreme filtration mechanism 
  • The unmatched capability of removing biological waste
  • Suitable for both freshwater and marine
  • It comes in bottles or fine filter bags depending on the amount

Review Summary Of Seachem Purigen Organic Filtration Resin: 

Purigen is a premium macro-porous synthetic polymer and an organic filtration resin that is able to remove soluble and insoluble impurities from your fish tank water.

Enthralling clarity can be achieved by using Seachem Purigen, an effective freshwater and saltwater aquarium additive that purifies water to a level of luminosity previously unattainable.

Made from a macro-porous synthetic polymer material with a high affinity for waste molecules such as ammonia and phosphate, its unique composition acts as both purifier and adsorber – simultaneously raising redox levels while leaving behind only pristine clearness.

When it turns brownish in color during regeneration with a bleach solution – or when exposed to strong light – it signifies that impurities have been effectively bound away whilst remaining undetectable in the aquatic environment!

Here We Point Out Some Prose And Cons Of This Product

It can remove the nitrite or nitrate compounds from the water.
It works way faster than most filter media.
The 100 ml purchase comes with a filter mesh.
You can use it along with the medicinal treatment of fish.
You can restore it after it wears out.

The bag quality is not satisfactory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any filter mesh with it?

The 100ml Purigen comes in a fine filter mesh. However, you can order the filter bag separately if you buy it in bulk.

Can I regenerate it and use it again?

Yes, you can regenerate this product by using bleach and water.

My Purigen turned red color, what should I do?

You can try to regenerate it by using the bleach and water combination. If it remains the same, then it is best to replace the product with a new one.

I have a 55 gallons freshwater tank, what amount of Purigen should I add to the tank?

A 100 ml pack is enough for a 55-gallon tank.

I am using some medicine in my tank for the sick fish, will it affect the Purigen filter?

No, the Purigen is safe to use even if there is medicine in the tank water.

Final Words:

In this Seachem Purigen Review, we have tried to include all the features, some commonly asked queries, possible explanations, etc. of why Purigen can be a good choice for your aquarium filter. You can use Purigen and see that it is worth every penny!

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