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6-Best Mechanical Filter Media For Aquarium [Overview & Reviews For The Most Common Type of Filter Media]

| The Best Mechanical Filter Media- The Complete Guideline | Are you an aquarium owner? Or soon going to buy one for yourself? Then you are in the right place! This article is specifically about aquariums and how to clean one with a mechanical filtration system. Fishkeeping is a well-known hobby all around the world. … Read more

Seachem Purigen Review

Seachem Purigen Review [A Highly Effective Mechanical Filtration Media]

If you are an aquarist or want to start fish keeping, then you would know the importance of filtrations you must use in your tank water. Filtering helps to remove the impurities, toxins, debris, etc. from water.  As there are several types of filtration media present, for many people the most effective is the mechanical … Read more

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