3 Best Jebao Wavemaker Models Reviews & Comparison [Models: OW/ SOW/ CP]

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“Jebao Wavemaker” is known as a World-Class wavemaker for Aquarium. It is User-friendly, familiar to fish, helps to coral and the invertebrates in your tank, eliminates “dead spots,” decorative looks, and so on!
Let’s turn our attention to some likely prospects.

Jebao wavemaker is the most choosy branded-wavemaker for the aquarist. In this article, we reviewed on best Jabao Wavemaker’s three Top-Rated models.

Don’t all aquarists want their tank fish to be healthy, happy, and playful? Of course, they do. It is one of the many reasons wavemakers have ended up being one of the priorities for aquarists.

This wonder tool ensures a safe and healthy fish tank environment. The water flow or the current a wavemaker creates helps the fish and tank plants thrive in tank water. That’s why fish tank owners make sure to choose the best wavemaker for their tanks.

And Jebao wavemakers are among the popular wavemakers for aquarists. The Jebao brand has several wavemaker models for various tank sizes. Most of them come with easy control, are energy-efficient, and easy to handle.

In today’s best Jebao wavemaker review, I’ll talk about three models. Each of these models comes with the capacity of various tank sizes and functions. And, if you want to find the right Jebao wavemaker for your fish tank, I urge you to read this article till the end.

3 Best and Most Efficient Jebao Wavemaker Reviews

Professional aquarists or aquarium accessories sellers know all about wavemakers. And when they recommend Jebao wavemakers, you know it is worth having. Is it good for beginners? Yes, it is suitable for any level of fish tank owner.

From this best Jebao wavemaker review, you will learn about three of its best models. And for your benefit, I’ll be adding a comparison table so that you can take a glance to understand the differences between them.

(1) Jebao CP-150 Cross Flow Pump Wavemaker

Jebao CP-150 Cross Flow Pump Wavemaker

You know wavemakers are not only for creating waves, right? I’m pretty sure you know that already. The reason I asked is that some people use wavemakers to keep the tank clean as well. And the Jebao CP-150 Cross Flow Wavemaker is one such handy piece of equipment.


  • 360-Degree Rotation: As I have been saying, Jebao wavemakers are made to keep your tank environment healthy. This filter will remove all kinds of dirt and algae with its 360-degree rotation feature. Jebao’s SCP-120 model also works in the very same way.
  • Cross-Flow Technology: The most interesting part about a cross-flow technology wavemaker is that the water returns to the pump. Thus, it helps remove dead spots in your tank.

Cross-flow also creates enough natural waves for the entire tank, which is beneficial for the fish. This technology oxygenates the tank environment as well.

  • Tank Size: Jebao CP-150 is built to work for large tanks. It works perfectly in any fish tank with 300-750 gallons capacity. On the other hand, the SCP-120 model works well in a 250-450 gallons tank.
  • Wave Modes And Settings: You will get four different wave modes in this wavemaker. It comes with a controller which is easy to install and handle. The Feed function stops the pump for ten minutes to allow you to feed the fish. And despite all these processes and settings, this Jebao CP-150 wavemaker operates very quietly.

You can compare the capacity of Jebao CP-150 and SCP-120 from the table below:

ModelPower/VoltFlow RateTank Size
Jebao CP-150100-240V6000-7500 GPH300-750 Gallons
Jebao SCP-120100-240V4300-4600 GPH200-450 Gallons
  • Energy-efficient
  • Various wave modes and feeding modes are available
  • Ensures a safe and healthy tank environment
  • Suitable for large fish tanks
  • Reliable
  • Easy to install
  • Noiseless
  • Some customers find the controller system complicated


If you want a high-performing and reliable wave pump, this CP-150 model can be your perfect choice. It has every exceptional quality to be the best Jebao wavemaker. Check the latest price and updates on Amazon.

(2) Jebao SOW Wavemaker

best Jebao wavemaker model Jebao-SOW

The Jebao SOW series has numerous options for wavemakers with different tank capacities. From small to large, every tank will get an equal wave and flow distribution with these wavemakers. And if your tank needs extra wave pumps, don’t worry about the price. Because the SOW series pumps are affordable.


  • Tank Type: Like any other Jebao wavemakers, the OW wave pumps are compatible with all tank types. You can use them in both freshwater and saltwater fish tanks.

The pumps distribute water flow equally to every corner of the tank without any problem. So, regardless of your fish tank type, these wavemakers will work perfectly to boost your fish tank’s environment.

  • Installation: The Jebao SOW wavemaker series are magnet mount, and the parts come assembled. It means you hardly need to go through any extra hassle for installation. Besides, you will get double-sided tapes to mount the controller, which is quick and easy.
  • Modes: There are eight different modes. Each of them provides various wave patterns, making the movement of tank water more natural. The Night Mode has a sensor that detects automatically when the tank light goes out and slows down the flow.
  • You can compare the capacity of Jebao SOW-8, SOW-15, and SOW-20 from the table below:
ModelsPower/VoltFlow RateTank Size
Jebao SOW-8100V700-8500 L/h30-60 Gallons
Jebao SOW-15100V1200-15000 L/h60-90 Gallons
Jebao SOW-20100V1700-20000 L/h90-150 Gallons
  • Affordable price
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple wave modes and flow control system
  • Automatic Night mode sensor
  • Versatile design
  • Lightweight
  • Less durable than expected


Some customers believe that the Jebao SOW wavemakers are stronger than they are meant to be. I would recommend using them in tank size, slightly larger than mentioned. And if you would like to purchase this wavemaker, check out its latest update on Amazon.

(3) Jebao OW Wavemaker

best Jebao wavemaker model Jebao-OW

If you are a little tight on budget, you can consider buying the Jebao OW Series Wavemaker. Not only is it affordable, but it is also durable, easy to maintain, and comes with various tank capacities.


  • Capacity: Sometimes, it can be challenging to find a wavemaker that will go with your tank size, especially if you are looking for a specific brand or model. But don’t worry! The Jebao OW series offers different wavemakers various tank capacities. They come with the capacity for 10, 40, and 50 gallons tank capacities.
  • Flow Rate: Jebao made sure that its wavemakers are precisely what its customers need. That’s why the pumps come with various flow rates. Accordingly, the 10, 40, and 50 models come with 132-1056 GPH, 317-3962 GPH, and 449-5283 GPH flow rates.
  • Functions And Modes: With the controller, you will be able to operate the wavemaker without much effort. The wavemakers have eight different flow modes that provide various flow patterns. Besides, you can set up Night mode and Feed mode to slow down the flow and stop the pump for a break.
  • Tank Type: No, you definitely don’t need to think twice about your tank type. This wave pump is suitable for all of them, from nano reef tanks to freshwater and marine fish tanks.

You can compare the capacity of the Jebao OW series from the table below:

ModelsPower/VoltFlow RateTank Size
Jebao OW 10100-120V132-1056 GPH10-100 Gallons
Jebao OW 40100-120V 317-3962 GPH40-200 Gallons
Jebao OW 50100-120V449-5283 GPH 50-350 Gallons
  • Budget-friendly
  • Reliable
  • Durable material
  • Controller system wavemaker
  • It comes with various flow modes
  • Has feeding mode
  • Simple magnet mount pump
  • Can be loud sometimes
  • The material could have been better


In my opinion, this OW wavemaker can be the best Jebao wavemaker for your tank if the tank requires something lightweight, versatile, yet robust. Installing and adjusting the flow rates will be easier with this wavemaker. You can purchase this wave pump from Amazon.

Comparison Between Jebao OW/ SOW / CP

What makes the difference between the Jebao OW, SOW, and CP wavemakers? You know the answer already. It is both in their capacities and power.

The OW series wavemakers are the most suitable for small fish tanks, while the CP and SOW series is compatible with medium to large fish tanks. Some of them are low-powered, while others are high-power pumps. Nevertheless, all of them are energy-efficient. Have a look at the following comparison table to get a clearer picture.

ModelsPower/VoltFlow RateTank Size
Jebao OW100-120V132-5283 GPH10-350 Gallons
Jebao SOW100V135-5283 GPH30-150 Gallons
Jebao CP-150100-240V6000-7500 GPH300-750 Gallons

Jebao Wavemaker Controller Instructions

The Jebao Wavemaker review is to give you a clear idea about how they work. But then comes the controller part. Handling a Jebao wavemaker control is not a big deal.

All controllers of Jebao come with pretty much the same settings and flow modes. The instruction that comes in the package will tell you everything you need to know. But to understand the basic features more clearly, you can check out the following instructions or the user’s manual.

1. Function Operation

Jebao provides a unique control system, which allows different wave types and functions. You can use different wave patterns in the tank.

With the wireless control system, you can control the wavemaker’s synchronized operation. You can control everything with one main remote controller. And as it is a low-voltage DC pump, it is safe for both the user and tank inhabitants.

Using the Wavemaker controller is very simple. You can adjust multiple wave movements. It also has various power systems, which help prevent wave impact when it comes to extended power impact.

2. Assembly Notice

It is suitable for any fish tank. However, if the tank thickness is less than 15mm, it would work even better. And the accessories you will get are a wireless controller, adapter, double-sided adhesive tape, power cable, and the user’s manual.

To assemble the pump, do the following:

  • Take away the magnet from the back of the pump basket.
  • Place the pump where you want to install it inside the fish tank.
  • The rubber pad will help suck it close.
  • Now move the magnet outside the tank to the same place where the interior part of the pump is.
  • Once the two pieces meet from either side of the tank, they will stick to their places.

Then, set up the controller in the following way:

  • Peel off the protection paper on one side of the adhesive tape and stick it outside the tank.
  • Then peel off the protection paper on the other side of the tape.
  • Stick the controller on the tape.
  • Connect the pump’s wire and insert the plug into the controller.
  • Finally, connect the controller’s AC wire adaptor.

3. Operation And Function

There are several buttons and one knob to operate different settings and modes.

  • Mode/Night: You can press the button to enter different modes. Long hold down will enter the night mode.
  • Speed: Using this will enter flow mode and feed mode.
  • Lock: This button will help you operate multiple functions and enter lock mode.
  • Knob: Rotating the knob allows you to increase and decrease the flow speed.

4. Function Description

The controller gives you two types of controls: Master Control and Save Control. You need to press Wi-Le once to enter Master Control. The master indicator will light once it becomes active.

If you want to turn off the Slave control, press and hold Wi-Le until the indicator light turns off. If you have two wavemakers in a tank, you can set one as Master and the other as Slave to get a better result.

5. Modes

Usually, Jebao controllers come with five different modes. And there are five indicator lights beneath them. Whichever mode you enter, the indicator will light up.

  • W1: This indicates the wave mode. You can adjust the flow of the wave with the knob when this mode is active. Turning the knob clockwise and anticlockwise, you can increase and decrease the wave’s length.
  • W2: You can operate more than one pump with this mode. You can adjust the flow rate by pressing the Speed/Feed button.
  • Else: It is a random mode. Using this mode, you allow the controller to take control of the wave pattern. That’s why this mode does not require any regulation.
  • H: This one provides a high flow rate and operates more than one pump simultaneously. You can adjust the flow using the Speed/Feed button.
  • C: When two pumps work simultaneously, one pump stops when the other one starts. This shift of their flow can be adjusted with the C button.

6. Night Function

Long press the Night button to enter the Night mode. Activating the mode will keep the water flow normally during the day. And as it turns dark, the Night mode will get activated automatically. It will help keep the water flow at a low level and keep the room completely noiseless.

7. Feed Function

The feeding mode stops the wave pump for some time to allow you to feed the fish when needed. Just press the Speed/Feed button until the indicator light turns blue.

The pump will stop for about 10 minutes to give enough time to feed the fish. After the time runs out, the pump will activate automatically.

8. Knob Locking Function

Long press the Wi-Le/Lock button to lock the entire controller system. When this function is active, the settings or the wave pattern will remain fixed until you unlock the settings.

9. Warning

Do not do the following to make sure the controller remains safe.

  • Keep the controller out of water.
  • Select a dry place where the water will not splash.
  • Be careful with the magnet, as it is pretty strong.
  • Do not disassemble the controller without a professional.

10. Maintenance

The controller is the only way to make the wavemaker work efficiently. So, you need to ensure it doesn’t suffer any damage and lasts a long time.

  • Clean the controller regularly to boost performance.
  • Clean the controller with a dry piece of cloth to dry off any splashed water.
  • To clean the pump basket, rotate it anticlockwise to open it. And then close it by turning it clockwise after you clean it up.
  • Clean the blade and remove the dirt from the pump with a soft cloth.

Availability Of Jebao Wavemaker’s Replacement Parts

When it comes to Jebao’s replacement parts, there aren’t many from Jebao itself. But you can still replace the controller if it ever breaks.

The Jebao replacement controller comes with a cable system to allow you to connect to the old plug. The outer look or the placement of the knob may seem a little different if you have used a different wavemaker. However, it will work just the same.

Jebao sells impellers as replacement parts. However, it may not fit all pump sizes. But, if your Jebao wavemaker impeller breaks, you can replace it with any wave pump impeller. But make sure the size is the same as the old part.

The wavemaker’s head can be replaced. However, it comes for WP 10/25/40/60 pump size. Other than these, you will find extended cable, block, and cover rubbers, wavemaker bases, etc., as replacement parts.

Though Jebao doesn’t have many options for replacement parts, there will always be parts in stores that will fit. If you cannot pick which one or size you need, it is best to speak to someone more experienced.

Our Verdict And Final Recommendations

As you can see, the selected models for this best Jebao Wavemaker review are all excellent and high-performing. So naturally, it is challenging to choose only one or two for you. Nevertheless, if you need recommendations, I’m here to do that for you.

The Jebao OW-10 and Jebao SOW Series are the best wavemakers for nano reef tanks. They are suitable for 10-100 gallons tank sizes.

If you have mid-size fish tanks, the Jebao OW Wave Maker series would be the perfect pump. They are high-perming wave pumps. And their ability to control flow rate and modes are added advantage for the users.

And I would recommend the Jebao CP-150 Wavemaker if you own a large fish tank. This wave pump is one of the best models on my list and is suitable for any type of aquarium.


Q. What Mode Do You Like Best On Your Jebao Wavemaker?

Jebao wavemakers commonly have five different wave modes or settings: W1, W2, Else, H, and C.

  • W1 mode speeds up the flow and then goes down again, and you can stop the flow.
  • W2 mode does the same thing as the W1 mode, but you cannot turn it off.
  • Else mode allows the wavemaker to create random flow patterns.
  • H means high flow. But it provides speed control and on and off settings.
  • C provides comparatively low-speed flow but supports speed control.

Q. Where Do You Place A Wavemaker In A Planted Tank?

A wavemaker has to be placed in a certain way. Otherwise, it will create waves in one direction only or damage the tank plants.

If you have soft corals, try placing the wavemaker in a position to create waves toward the corals indirectly. If you have a freshwater tank, tilt the wavemaker’s head a little upward. That way, the flow will look more natural.

Q. Do You Need A Wavemaker In A Nano Tank?

Nano tanks also need wavemakers to create wave-like movements. But the necessity of a wavemaker in a nano tank also depends on how small the tank is.

If it is a 5 gallons tank, you can skip adding a wavemaker as the tank filter of such size is enough to create natural movements in the water. However, if it is a 10 gallons tank or above, you need to add a wavemaker so that the fish can enjoy a more natural tank environment.

Q. Do Wavemakers Stress Fish?

Wavemakers do not stress fish unless you have done something wrong. Remember that a wavemaker needs a proper setup. The placement and the water flow have to be correct and balanced.

If the flow is too strong, the fish will not be able to swim freely. The strong current will throw it off balance and may cause injury. Also, if the wavemaker is too noisy, it can stress the fish.

Q. What Is The Main Different For The New OW Pump Vs. The Old SW Pump?

To be honest, there aren’t many differences between the OW and SW series wave pumps. The settings and functions are pretty much the same. All these pumps are energy-efficient, easy to install and have a magnet mount.

However, when it comes to price, the SW series is cheaper than the OW pumps. So if someone wants a more affordable pump, the old SW pumps are ideal for them.

The customers believe that the SW pumps were a little complicated to install. And the OW pumps provide better and more flexible wave control. Besides, OW wave pumps happen to be more reliable and durable.

Wrapping Up

There are so many brands for wavemakers. But what makes the Jebao wave pumps stand out is their versatility. The designs are unique and stylish. Not to mention how high-performing they are.

For today’s best Jebao Wavemaker review, I’ve pointed out what you must know before you purchase one or more of these models. But you will experience more of their outstanding performance once you start using them.

However, before you purchase, keep your tank size and its inhabitants in mind. Research and explore a bit more if you need to because your fish’s well-being depends on all of it.

2 thoughts on “3 Best Jebao Wavemaker Models Reviews & Comparison [Models: OW/ SOW/ CP]”

  1. Longest lasting brand I have tried. Over 10 years on some. What happened to the MOW series here? Some old ones here but not that. Have a MOW-16 and was looking for more info. The manual was only obsessed at the wireless app have no interest in. The basic info was hardly anything on the controller?

    • hi Morse, thanks for reading. Yes MOW sereice is also good. I think MOW-22 is more upgrated than MOW-16. Hope we will make a review on MOW sereice later. Thank you!


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