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Betta might look lonely but he prefers to be alone. No! your Betta fish is not feeling lonely. So, no question – do betta fish get lonely?

Many people purchase betta fish for their vibrant color and fairy-tale without knowing enough about them. And once the owners realize Bettas need to be kept separate from each other, they get worried. That’s why most owners come with a common question in mind: do betta fish get lonely?

Though their scientific name is Betta Splendens, bettas are also known as Siamese fighting fish. And you can tell from the name that bettas aren’t exactly the friendliest fish you will come across. But that’s what they are like.

Your Betta might look lonely but he prefers to be alone. So, betta fish may not particularly feel lonely. But they can get bored sometimes. And boredom often leads to stress. That’s when they start acting a little differently.

And there are more reasons why experts believe betta fish should not have companies. If you are curious to know, you are going to find today’s article helpful. I will discuss everything you need to know about a betta that seems lonely. I will also be answering that question in detail here and will discuss how to make betta fish less lonely. It’s going to be an exciting ride today.

So, hop on!

Do Betta Fish Get Lonely?

Betta fish got their name from an old clan of warriors. The clan was known as Bettah. During the mid-1800s, Siamese fish were known for their aggressive fighting nature and, thus, got the name.

These fishes are naturally territorial. That’s why they do not act as other fishes do. Though the female bettas may want company at times, the male ones are deadlier. It would be best if you never kept a betta fish with another betta. Keeping them together will only lead to aggressive fights and death.

However, experts say that you can add shrimp, snails, dwarf frogs, etc., in a betta fish tank. When the fish has enough space in the tank to swim around, hide and enjoy in there, your betta fish will not be lonely.

Male bettas enjoy their solitary life. And the female bettas prefer it too. So, it is highly unlikely that these fishes get lonely when you keep them separate from each other.

Do Betta Fish Get Bored?

Betta fish do not get lonely. They would rather be alone than have someone in their faces all the time. That sounds pretty familiar, right?

However, just because they prefer being alone doesn’t mean they like dullness. It is not uncommon for bettas to get bored in their tank. That’s why sometimes they may want a different company.

In that case, you can keep some snails in the tank. It will boost the betta’s territorial nature and help it come out of its hiding place more often. You can also add shrimps to your betta tank.

Having them will keep your betta’s mental health in check. But whatever you do, never add another betta. It will lead to a bloody life-and-death battle. When these things are lacking in your betta tank, it will make the betta bored. And this can cause stress, lack of appetite, and more problems.

How To Tell If Betta Fish Is Bored?

Are you having a hard time telling if your betta is stressed or bored? Well, you can look out for the following signs or activities to know if your betta needs cheering up.

Frequent Hiding

Betta fish like to hide in different spots. That’s not very uncommon. But if you notice it hiding more frequently than usual, there might be something wrong.

Constant Surfing

It is concerning if you notice the betta constantly swimming up and down the tank. Bettas mostly do that when they are stressed.


Lethargy can happen when the betta is bored, stressed, or ill. It can make your betta look lazy as it will become less and less active. So, if you see the betta just sitting still somewhere without moving much, it is a sign of boredom.

Loss Of Appetite

Bettas have a good appetite. You will notice that the betta will tend to come up to the surface every time you approach the tank. It will start eating as soon as you put the food in there. However, if you see the betta hesitating to eat food or eating less than usual, your betta fish is bored or stressed.

Nipping Its Tail

A bored or stressed betta fish often bites its tail. I don’t know if you know this already, but bettas have teeth. And they can damage their beautiful tails by nipping on them.

How To Keep Betta With Other Fish?

Do Betta Fish Get Lonely And How To Keep Betta With Other Fish?

Keeping a betta with other fish is not easy. So many things can go wrong if your betta does not like the company. But there are ways to keep other fish with a betta, and you can try them.

A Larger Tank

If you want to house other fish with your betta, the first thing you need to consider is the size of the tank. An unfriendly betta will turn more vicious if there isn’t enough space to explore its territory. The only way to ensure that is to get a larger tank.

You can house betta fish in small containers or a 3-5 gallons tank. However, when housing other fishes with a betta, you need a tank with at least a 10-15 gallons capacity. It will leave enough space for the fish to move around.

Good Filtration System

Do Betta fish need a filter? – This is a common question. But the answer cannot be straight! Having more than one fish in a large tank will require a filter to remove the dirt, waste, and toxic elements. You also need to do a partial water change once a week and a complete water change at least once a month. It will keep the betta and other tank inhabitants healthy and happy.

Enough Hiding Spots

Another reason to get a larger tank is to provide enough hiding places for the betta and other fishes. Fish hide to feel safe. It also helps them to be more active and cheerful.

A large tank helps make that possible. The more hiding places you can provide them with, the better they will feel.

Choosing Tankmates

Now, you need to pick your betta’s tank mate carefully. Avoid any fish with bright colors or long tails. You also need to avoid fish that swim on the top of the tank water.

Betta fish always like spending their time at the top area. And it will not like clashing with another fish in its territory. It will make the betta attack its tankmate.

Eyes On The Fish

After you add the new inhabitant of the tank to your betta, keep an eye on their activity. It is not uncommon for the betta not to get along with the new guests. They can attack one another after you put them together.

So keep an eye on the fish to check if their behavior changes or if they appear stressed. If they don’t get along, you will have to put them in separate tanks or use a divider inside the tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do Betta Fish Hate Noise?

Bettas do not particularly hate noise unless it’s too loud. Tank filter’s filtration process and water spray often create loud buzzing noise. In that case, use a filter that makes less noise and vibration.

Canister filters and bettas do not get along well as the canister filter output nozzle and the filtration system creates noise. So it would be best to avoid this filter.

Q. How Long Can Betta Go Without Food?

Betta fish can survive around two weeks without food. However, you must not keep them unfed for more than 3-5 days. If you are to stay away from home for several days, assign someone who can feed the betta from time to time.

Q. What Colors Do Betta Fish Not Like?

Experts say that bettas can distinguish between the color green, red and blue. And one research showed that a betta is aggressive towards the color red.

Q. Do Betta Get Frustrated Inside A Tank?

Though bettas like living alone, they can experience frustration and boredom sometimes. It happens when Betta’s environment lacks enough plants, caves, and space to explore.

Q. Why Is Your Betta Fish Laying On The Bottom Of The Tank?

Bettas lay on the bottom of the tank to take rest or to sleep. But if it continues for several days, your betta fish might be ill. To know more, you can read our article on how do Betta Fish sleep, I am sure you will enjoy the article.

Q. What Do Betta Fish Do All Day?

Betta fish are known to be diurnal. They are always active no matter what time of the day it is. They eat, swim around, hide, and sometimes rest throughout the day.

Q. How To Deal With Aggressive Betta Fish In An Aquarium?

Betta fish are naturally aggressive. You cannot do anything to change or stop that. The only solution is to keep the betta in a separate container or jar. You can also put a divider in the tank to separate it from other fish.

Q. Does Your Betta Need A Friend?

Betta fish do not need friends. They are naturally territorial and enjoy living alone. Housing a betta fish with other fish makes the betta more aggressive, and it starts fighting with others.

Q. How Can You Tell If Your Betta Is Happy?

Since the betta fish likes to live alone, especially male betta, it never feels lonely. But the betta can become bored or stressed sometimes. To tell if the betta is happy, look for the following signs:

  • The betta’s color looks vibrant
  • Fins are wide open
  • More active
  • Swims around the tank
  • Good appetite


Now that you know the nature of this fish, caring for bettas will become easy for you. And do betta fish get lonely? No, they don’t. Bettas live well alone without any company.

So, whether you are an owner or a betta seller, keeping each fish separate is mandatory. However, if you have no choice but to keep two bettas in one tank, try placing a divider in the middle of the tank so that the bettas don’t attack each other.

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