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Cleaning your skimmer collection cup is much easier than you think; Learn how to clean a protein skimmer collection cup without any complications!

Protein skimmers, as well as the collection cup inside that, collects the skimmate for you, are undeniably the dirtiest equipment in your saltwater aquarium. For this reason, when it comes to cleaning the equipment in your tank, both the skimmer and the skimmate collector require the most upkeep to remain spotless and functional.

Most people seem to believe that the only use of a protein skimmer collection cup is to catch skimmate. But the truth is that the cup’s neck is in charge of getting waste up into the collection cup and thus, keeping the environment clean. 

We’ll go over how to clean your protein skimmer’s collection cup without damaging it and why it’s important.

The Cleaning Procedure

Turning off the skimmer is a good idea when you intend to clean the collection cup. You don’t want your protein skimmer to overflow over. Now, let’s check out how you can perform the cleaning process independently.

First, take out the collection cup from the skimmer’s body and follow these steps:

  1. Check how much wastage has filled the cup, then dump them in the sink or the trash.
  2. You need to use lukewarm water while cleaning the cup, the inside, and the neck area. You can use your hands to rinse the dirt off if you cannot get cleaning tools.
  3. Try not to use any chemicals, cleaners, or detergents, as the residue left behind can directly interact with the water in the aquarium afterward.

Some Effective Tips:

  • Remove salt rocks from the aquarium, the ones on the protein skimmer with a scooper.
  • To give it a good scrub and exfoliation, you can use a regular toothbrush all over it.
  • A mixture of water and vinegar removes the filth and dirt off the skimmer and the equipment.

The collection cup of the skimmer can be cleaned in various ways. This is the most common, effective, and simple procedure.

How Frequently Should You Wash the Collection Cup?

Cleaning the skimmate collector three times a week is a must to keep your tank hygienic and fresh. You need to check the water’s consistency to ensure its cleanliness. If your water is quite clear, cleaning it once or twice a week will do a fair job. 

Cleaning the skimmer, equipment, and tank regularly helps avoid bad smells, germs, and filth. Clean the collection cup regularly to ensure maximum cleanliness. You don’t need to do much when you’re just cleaning the cup than the rest of the skimmer. Simply take out all the trash from the cup, wash it with warm water, then wipe away any residual germs or dirt using cleaning cloths.

Above all, the frequency with which you should clean the collection cup is mostly determined by the amount of organic waste created in your tank. It’s time to clean if you think it’s time. As for the skimmer body, it’s good to go for six months after one wash. 

The Importance of Cleaning the Collection Cup

Now it’s time to discuss why keeping the collection cup clean and tidy is essential. As we all know, the neck is responsible for allowing the bubbles to reach the collection cup without popping and causing dirt. The fewer barrier bubbles face as they flow up and into the neck, the easier the procedure will be.

When your collection cup is full of filth and debris, it will be difficult for the bubbles to overflow and make their way to the collecting container.

You’ll notice that fewer bubbles can do so; the rest of them like to pop up from the sides, creating a stairway of dirt around the skimmer, neck area, and on the walls. When you leave it for an extended period without cleaning it, you can see layers of dirt inside the neck. It tends to be more common in the neck area than in the collection cup.

The more waste that builds upon the neck area, the more bubbles that burst prematurely and thus, create more wastage in the same way. While you can easily wipe this trash off, won’t it be relatively easy to have it all in one place; the collection cup?

It’s a good idea to clean the collecting cup from time to time, so you don’t have to put in extra work to deal with these situations.


Even if your skimmer is in fine working order and is perfectly tuned and calibrated, cleaning the collection cup is necessary because leaving the collected dirt in the aquarium for an extended period is unhealthy.

The less time these organic compounds and filth spend within your tank, the better. It may also hamper the skimmers’ performance, so why take chances with your aquarium and the little animals that call it home?

Everything you need to know about cleaning the collection cup of your protein skimmer, including dos and don’ts and different ways and their effectiveness, is in front of you through this article. If you follow the same approach as indicated above, you shouldn’t have any concerns.

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