OASE BioMaster Thermo 600: Review & Comparison With 600/250/ 350

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Gain better control and enduring features with powerful performance, Compact Filter Design & Integrated Heater. OASE BIOMASTER THERMO 600 is One of the best quality aquarium filters for a long time.

If you think about proper maintenance, having an efficient filtration process is a must-have for any aquarium. And out of all the methods, a canister filter can fulfill the job in the best possible ways. In this OASE Indoor Aquatics Biomaster Thermo review, we will get to learn about how you can filter your fish tank using the best filter method.

If you look around, you get to see a ton of different types of canister filters. While most of these brands can be great for your aquarium, the Oase Thermo canister is undoubtedly one of the best options among all. To give yourself a better idea about this device, we have tried to accumulate all the essential info like specs, features, advantages, etc.

OASE BioMaster Thermo 600

So, without further ado, let’s get started with our thorough OASE BioMaster Thermo 600 review!

DescriptionTechnical specs
Aquarium volume suggested600 l
Dimensions24x24x48 cm
Power consumption22 watt
Length of the electrical cable1,50 m
Maximum rate1.250 l/h
Hydraulic head1,80 m
Filter volume6,8 l
Pre-filter volume0,6 l
Heater power300 w
PriceCheck Price

The OASE Indoor Aquatics Biomaster Thermo Review

How and why the filtration process is necessary for your fish tank, you would know even if you are a newbie in the fish tank world. While the filtration process can be of different types, you can get all of those with premium external filters. If you have a medium to the large-sized aquarium, a canister filter can be an ideal option for its maintenance process. 

The OASE is quite known for producing quality aquarium filters for a long time. The Oase biomaster thermo line is especially recommended due to its enduring features and powerful performance. These filters are perfect for fish tanks that produce a large amount of waste.

You can also install them in an aquarium filled with carnivorous fish, oddballs, cichlids, stingrays, etc. without harming them in the process. Usually, a large model comes with a large filter surface, which means breaking down the most amount of waste products. An external filter doesn’t have any unit inside the aquarium.

N.B.: We also talked about this product in our Top-10 Best Canister Filter Review article. And we marked it an Editor’s Choice there.

It just uses some outlet and inlet pipes to do the water circulation. This method actually gives you a better chance to create a natural aquascape, giving the fish more room as well. However, you have to clean the filter regularly to make sure it is working perfectly. Today, we are going to learn about model 600 as many aquarists prefer it.  

Secret Feature!

Secret Feature! of OASE BioMaster Thermo (You can check the price here)

OASE Indoor Aquatics Biomaster Thermo 600 Features:

Top view of OASE Indoor Aquatics Biomaster Thermo Review
OASE Indoor Aquatics BioMaster Thermo 600 Top View

Compact Filter Design

The Oase indoor filter is made in Italy while incorporating German engineering to provide you with the best filtration process for your aquarium. The filter itself and the heater are UL certified, making it fit for all types of fish tanks regardless of marine or fresh. You can use this compact yet powerful filter in fish tanks with a capacity of up to 160 gallons. 

The N handle makes sure you can move and maintain the unit without any trouble. The package comes with a 3-year warranty with an extra year of extension if you register online. 

Integrated Heater

Integrated Heater of OASE Indoor Aquatics Biomaster Thermo Review

Having the proper water temperature is pretty significant for the fish in the aquarium. The built-in heater of this filter helps to maintain a precise and stable temperature throughout the filtration process. By housing it inside, the heater also lessens the amount of equipment a filter usually needs inside. 

However, with this OASE 600 model, you can choose not to use the heater if you think it is not needed. If you want to use the heater outside the canister, you get suction cups and mounting brackets to place them directly inside the fish tank. Keep in mind, no other brand heater except OASE is compatible with this filter model.

You can only use an OASE heater with an OASE biomaster canister filter. Since OASE heaters can be bought separately, you can replace them without changing the whole canister. 

Easy Clean Prefilter Module

This pre-filter module is easy to clean and can be detached from the filter unit as well. It decreases the upkeep measures, improves the filter’s effectiveness, and expands the vitality of the main filter foams as well. Besides, you can adjust the prefilter with a combination of coarse 30PPI, fine 45PPI, ultra-fine 60PPI, and 45PPI activated carbon filter foams.

Easy Maintenance

This model has an in-built safety lock feature on the pre-filter, a manageable handle, a check valve inside the outlet, and an inlet connection part. This feature prevents any accidental spills to make sure you can manage the unit without making any watery mess! You can install the OASE 600 by following some easy steps as well.

Sealed Filtration Pathways

The design of the sealed filtration and pathways is one of the many great features of this filter model. The innovative layout allows the unit to attain the most benefits through the 4 stage filtration process. The terrific blend of biological, chemical, mechanical, and prefiltration functions ensures your aquarium with optimal water quality and purity.

While the filter media provides clearer water for the tank, the hex bio media (Seachem Matrix) makes a large suspended settlement surface for the microscopic organisms. Activated carbon is useful for removing toxins and ideal for nutrient reduction as well. 

Carbon Pre-filter Foams

The activated carbon filter foams assimilate the undesirable substances from the tank water, making the environment healthier for your tiny pet fish. While replacing the regular granular carbon can be troublesome sometimes, changing the carbon filter foams is much quicker and simpler.

Adjustable Flow Control

Depending on the different locations of the filter unit, the water flow can be adjusted for both the outlet and inlet tubing. It is a bit hazardous to assess the flow rate of an external canister filter. Hence, you can measure a standard scale by putting yourself at 80cm above the ground for future reference. 

You can use a flow meter to measure the rate with more accuracy. Connect the flow meter with the outlet tube and check the value shown in liters every minute. To get the hourly measurement, just multiply the number by 60.

Easy Priming

Priming is the first step to making sure your aquarium filter is properly functioning. Priming means filling the aquarium filter with water, so the air bubbles inside the unit can get out of it. The easy priming process of the OASE 600 makes sure you can start this filter unit fast and continue the operation without any interruption.

Quiet Operating Filter

Sound is a very crucial factor for the quality of living atmosphere for fish tank inhabitants. No matter how clean or healthy the tank water is, noises or loud sounds can make the arrangement harmful to your fish. The OASE 600 filter has a quality sound-softening design to ensure you get the ultimate soothing experience throughout. 

Filter Media

The Oase Biomaster Thermo line comes with coarse and ultra-coarse filter foams and Hel x Biomedia. This large suspended settlement surface allows the beneficial bacteria to cultivate and flourish. The material makes sure to halt the floating the moment it reaches a particular level of bacterial colonization. 

As the prefilters do the most filtration process, you don’t need to change the main filter foams as much. The number of every filter media depends on the filter size. The timing of filter foam replacement is also determined based on the tank size, plants, fish quantity, drops in filter operation, etc. Usually, all biomaster filter foams are suitable for any model or brand.


The filter package is filled with necessary equipment like an in-built heater, inlet tube with strainers, spray bar, nozzle to distribute water, adapters to control water flow, power wires, heater adapter, fittings, and tubing. You can create a uniform surface movement by adding the diffuser. 

As a result, the produced additional dissolved oxygen will help the aquarium to reach optimal water quality

How To Set Up OASE Indoor Aquatics Biomaster Thermo 600

Here we point out some prose and cons of this filter-


  • This model is fairly easy to install and clean.
  • The 4-filtration system makes the filtering process more effective.
  • It also has a sealed filtration pathway for clearer water and prefiltration.
  • The integrated heater is compatible with both freshwater and marine aquariums.
  • The self-priming function is helpful for easy start-up.
  • Shut-off automation switch with a built-in check valve to prevent leakage.
  • You can adjust the water flow.


  • It can seem a bit complicated to use for first-timers.

Check The Latest Price

OASE Indoor Aquatics Biomaster Replacement Parts

OASE Indoor Aquatics Biomaster canister filter Replacement Parts

There is no guarantee that your canister filter is going to last forever. Any part of it can break down at any point without any prior notice. However, most of these filter parts are replaceable. And if you know how to change the part properly, you can do it yourself without assistance.

The Biomaster Thermo line filters have many detachable parts that you can replace once they wear down. Don’t have to worry if any of the parts like the integrated heater, cable wire, impeller unit, prefilter gasket, filter head, filter pipe, pre-filter housing, etc. collapse.

Can simply change that specific part without changing the whole canister filter. You can get all these replacement parts with additional foam sponges with different ppi from the OASE website

Comparison Between Different OASE Indoor Thermo Models

Here is a comparison chart between OASE BioMaster Thermo 250 VS 350 VS 600. But the latest two- OASE BioMaster Thermo 350 vs 600 are more popular. You can easily select your needs from this at a glance:

FeaturesOASE Biomaster Thermo 250OASE Biomaster Thermo 350OASE Biomaster Thermo 600
Power consumption Filter15W18W22W
Power consumption Heater150 W200 W300 W
Pump flow rate900 l/h1100 l/h1250 l/h
Water columnMax 1.3mMax 1.4mMax 1.8m
Pre-Filtration volume0.4 l0.5 l0.6 l
Filtration volume4.4 l5.6 l6.8 l
CapacityUp to 250 lUp to 350 lUp to 600 l
Carbon Filter Foam456
Comparison Table Of OASE BioMaster Thermo

While looking at the comparison chart, you can clearly see that Model 600 is the ultimate winner in all ways out of the three OASE Indoor Aquatics Biomaster Thermo models. With the maximum flow control of the aquarium water, this device also comes with the highest amount of main filter foams. Thus, it ensures the most effective filtration process for your filter.

While this model weighs around the same as the other two, its powerful performance is enough to make it stand out.

How To Trigger The Filter?

You can use a pump system to trigger your OASE Canister filter. This way, you won’t be needing an external pump to do the same. The process is easy as it connects the filter and aquarium pipes. You just have to push the pump system a few times to see the outcome. This arrangement forms a void by absorbing water. 

The instant action then triggers the water siphoning, and the gravity will help the filter to get filled. You don’t need anything else to connect with the filter, except for the electric cable. You may hear some gurgling noises in the first few minutes, which is quite natural. At this point, the air inside the aquarium is being expelled.

And after it is completely done, the filter will be quiet entirely. This package is usually packed with all the essential accessories you may need. These include a 300W heater, 45 PPI sponges, the 6-layered filter with an orange 30 PPI sponge Biomaster, 3 blue 20 PPI sponges, etc. All of these make sure the filtration process can block all the tiny particles.

The bacteria substrate is built with hel x bio-media of a specific ratio. To keep the filter running, you will also need pipes, connectors, diffusers, etc. for later. The modular structure helps the placing of filter materials that you can insert and extract effortlessly. You can turn off the filter and block the valves before taking it to the bathroom.

You can wash the containers by opening the side clasps and sliding the superior parts out. Despite having different values, you can use this filter for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. You can manage a marine aquarium of 150 liters capacity without any hard corals. In the case of hard corals, you need to pick a skimmer for better results.

You can manage a freshwater tank of 600 liters with this filter as well. While the filter media can be of different types, the results will remain pretty much similar. This filter also includes a pre-filtering method that allows you to clean the sponges at different times. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Q/A-1: What size of canister filter should I choose?

Most people recommend getting a filter that can regulate water 4 times your tank capacity. Besides the simple maintenance procedure, it will make sure the water cycle occurs regularly. If you have an aquarium of 50 gallons, then the canister filter should have a GPH of 200. While most manufacturers mention the water capacity on their package, you can select up to 6 times to make sure it is enough for the fish tank. 

Q/A-2: How do I make a canister filter less noisy?

There are several ways to make sure your canister filter is not making irritating noises. You can do many things like cleaning the filter, eradicating the debris and waste materials, adjusting the water flow, fixing the hose and pump, manually resetting the filter and pump, etc. But before doing anything, make sure to identify the noise source first. 

Q/A-3: Is a canister filter suitable for a saltwater tank?

Yes, canister filters, in fact, are designed to work for both freshwater and saltwater tanks. A filter is basically a housing for beneficial bacterial colonies. These colonies consume poisonous ammonia and convert them to nitrate, which is harmless to aquatic creatures. These bacteria work in both types of aquariums, you can use a canister filter in both cases. 

Q/A-4: How often should you clean the canister filter?

A filter needs to be cleaned following a frequent time gap, no matter the type. Most manufacturers provide a guideline as to when and how you should clean their filters. However, the timing also depends on various factors, like how much waste is being produced, the growth rate of debris, the condition of the filter media, etc.

As for a canister filter, experts recommend cleaning it every once a month. But if you see the urgency of cleaning it sooner, you should never delay.

Q/A-5: What is the difference between a power filter and a canister filter?

Power filters are generally cheap and need less supervision. You can also install it without much hassle. But they are not very powerful, which can lead to water loss and dead fish. On the other hand, a canister filter is pretty powerful and efficient in cleaning the tank. They are hefty, making them suitable for fairly large aquariums.

If you consider the performance and quality, the price is also understandably a bit higher than a power filter.

Final Words:

For an aquarist, the fish tank is not just a place to keep the fish. It becomes a part of your daily life that gives you peace and calmness amidst your hectic day. And if watching your aquatic pets swimming all over the tank gives you joy, you would take all the measures to provide them with the best surrounding possible. And you can achieve that instantly by simply installing the Oase Indoor Aquatics Biomaster Thermo in your fish tank. 

Not only the Oase filter safeguards a clearer water environment, but also ensures the ideal water quality for your tiny friends! If you want the best aquarium filter for your fish tank that can save you from constant worries and tensions about the well-being of your fish, go and get yourself one of these splendid Biomaster filters before they stock out!

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