Boxtech Ceramic Biological Filter Media for Marine And Freshwater Fish Tank

Boxtech Ceramic Biological Filter Media for Marine And Freshwater Fish Tank

Nano culture Brick For Advanced Bacteria Cultivation Technology.

If you are looking for quick & effective filter media, Boxtech Aquarium Filter Media will be perfect for you. It’s highly efficient in establishing a healthy environment within the tank. This product drastically changes the condition of the tank. Your tank will be sparkling clean overnight.

With its 3-dimensional shape and large surface area, it does a lot of filtration at once. Boxtech Aquarium Filter Media is basically a flat ceramic box. The ceramic clay provides the best pores. And its molecular size pores adds more to its effectiveness.

Water flows smoothly through this filter for the abundance of tiny spores. This filter media has functioned for decomposing harmful nitrite, nitrate and ammonia. Through decomposition, a healthy water nitration system sustains within the tank.


  • Large Surface Area: The Boxtech aquarium filter media has a quite large surface area. It is roughly 3.5×3.5×0.4 inches. This is a generous size for filter media.
  • Dense volume of pores: As this Filter media is made of ceramic clay and is quite large, the density of the pores is high. This is why it has a strong absorption ability. It allows a lot of water to flow through. This also means a fast filtering process.
  • Built quality: It’s very strong inbuilt quality with 1300 degree high-temperature sintering. These won’t turn to mush or crumble like other such filter media. No matter how long they are kept underwater they won’t decay.
  • Amount: A single pack contains 12 blocks of these biofilter media. They weigh around 3.9LB.
  • Varied usage: These bio blocks can be applied in seawater and freshwater aquariums, planted aquariums and even in sumps and ponds.
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Boxtech Aquarium Filter Media, Ceramic Biological Filter Media for Marine and Freshwater Fish Tank. Little expensive but recommended.

  • Huge surface area
  • Strong absorbing
  • Wide function
  • Works better than sphere-shaped filters
  • Fast efficiency
  • Sustainable
  • Expensive
  • May not fit all the filter

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