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MarineLand Black Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon is a highly efficient chemical media for aquariums that effectively eliminates discoloration, odors, and impurities from both freshwater and saltwater tanks. Its heat-activated bituminous coal-based granules are far superior to coconut, wood, or peat-based carbons, providing crystal clear water for longer periods. This premium activated carbon is highly recommended for those seeking to maintain a high-quality environment for their aquatic pets.

MarineLand Black Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon. [ The Chemical Media For Freshwater & Saltwater Aquariums] 

MarineLand Black Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon is a Chemical Media for all water salinity levels. Whether you have a regular freshwater aquarium or a saltwater tank, this product will do a fantastic job of keeping the water crystal clear. The filter media eliminates bad smells, prevents the water quality from degrading, nullifies toxic chemical build-ups, and maintains ideal watercolor.

Activated carbon is supper effective as aquarium Chemical Media. It works quickly, too, as much as twice as fast as other materials.

The heat-activated carbon particles do the trick in annihilating any threat to the existence of the aquarium ecosystem. These carbon granules attack chemical and food residues and ensure the water remains as pristine as ever.

I would go on to say MarineLand Black Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon punches way above its weight considering the humble price tag. You would be getting premium aquarium maintenance from this package, and the performance lives up to some of the costliest filter media offerings out there. 


  • Freshwater and saltwater compatibility: Works equally great in freshwater and saltwater environments.
  • Heat-activated carbon granules: Exceptionally formulated using bituminous-based heat-activated carbon particles.
  • Specially sized: The small granular shape is perfect to fit into most aquarium filters.


  • Efficiently sized for fitting into nearly all types of aquarium filters.
  • Specializes in tackling foul smell, discoloration, and water contamination.
  • Rivals the effectiveness of more expensive, top-of-the-line aquarium filter media.
  • Makes an instant impact.
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums


  • The water might turn slightly opaque after months of use.

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What Is Activated Carbon?

Activated carbon is charcoal that has been treated at high temperatures to create numerous tiny pores on the carbon surface. These pores can catch toxins and wastages from both water and air, making it a useful chemical filter media. This is widely used in the aquarium to balance the purity of the tank water.

How Long Does Activated Carbon Last?

The function of activated carbon is to entrap the contaminants in their pores from the environment. As these pores get filled up with time, the activated carbon gradually starts to lose filtration capability. And at one time, it stops working. you can normally use it for thirty days in your aquarium. Make sure your tank water is clean before using it.

What Activated Carbon Can Or Can’t Do?

The main purpose of activated carbon is to soak in some toxin elements like chlorine, phenols, tannins, etc. from the water. These chemicals usually change the color of tank water or create strange smells. So using activated carbon can prevent these things from happening.

However, it can not remove all types of contaminants from the water. Ammonia, nitrates, etc. won’t get affected by this. It also doesn’t work on heavy metals like iron, copper, etc.

What Are The Different Types Of Activated Carbon?

You can find various types of activated carbon in the market. But some are more used than others like BAC, GAC, EAC, PAC, etc. These can be obtained from bamboo, Bituminous coal, wood, etc. Each of them is used for a specific purpose. PAC is the smallest particle with a large surface, whereas GAC is the largest particle with a smaller outer layer.

Due to the mixed-sized pore structure, the GAC or granular activated carbon is the best one among them.  While activated carbons can clean the air and water both, you can also use GAC to detoxify water. 

How To Use Activated Carbon In Your Aquarium Filter?

Before using the activated carbon in the aquarium, you have to make sure the water is free of nitrogen elements, metals, and debris. The waste products can attach themselves to carbon particle, making them inactive. You should use a quality and reusable mesh filter to keep the activated carbon. Take some activated carbon in the mesh bag.

Your media pack should be competent with the tank size. Put the activated carbon after placing the mechanical filter media in the aquarium. You can remove and change these whenever you feel it’s necessary. If you take out the carbon, wash the filter bag with pure water before reusing it.

How Can We Change Or Recharge Activated Carbon?

Generally, Activated Carbon is not supposed to be used for more than a month. The carbon elements get worn out after a specific usage time. The function of the carbon particle is to trap the toxins in their porous surface. So it gets jammed in doing so. Once they are fully blocked, it won’t work in the water anymore. You will notice some changes when that happens.

Once the water changes color or starts to smell strange, you should change the AC with a new one. Some say you can restore the exhausted AC to use it again. Possible, yes. But only when you heat the carbon particle with extreme temperature. And this high-temperature range is obtainable only in laboratories. So, without special machines, it is impossible to recharge an AC.

Activated Carbon And Medication At The Same Time

You should not use activated carbon and medicines in your aquarium filter at the same time. The presence of activated charcoal will prevent a medicine from functioning. So, if you are treating your fish with medicine when an AC is in the water, it is useless. Remove the AC when using medicine in the tank. Once the fish gets treated, place the carbon again. 

Our Final Thoughts

MarineLand Black Diamond Media Premium Activated Carbon offers everything a decent activated carbon should have. It also costs next to nothing compared to the benefits you’ll get. So, considering everything, we definitely believe it will be a good fit for your aquarium filter!


(1) Is activated carbon safe to use in aquariums?

Yes, it is safe if used in a proper way.

(2) Can activated carbon remove ammonia from the water?

No, it cannot. But we have another article about how to reduce ammonia in a fish tank, you can read it.

(3) How long should we use the AC in the aquarium filter?

You can normally use it for a month. You can also reuse cleaning the Activated Carbon.

(4) Can Activated carbon remove the yellow color of water?

Yes, it can. ( Ref. Article: How to use activated carbon in aquarium?)

(5) Can I restore activated carbon in sunlight?

No, you need the extreme temperature to restore an AC.

N.B.: [This Chemical Media Can be Use For Freshwater & Saltwater Aquariums]

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